MOVE SPEED 128GB—1TB Solid State Flash Drive

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Specifications: 128GB

Pay with Ease

Memory Storage Capacity 1 TB
Hardware Interface USB Type C
Special Feature ★ Dual Interface - USB 3.2 and Type C, ★ Comes with Leather Case, ★ Better Heat Dissipation Performance, ★ SSD Level Chip Technology, ★ 1000MB/s Ultimate High Speed for Read and Write, ★ 5 Year Warranty
Connectivity Technology USB
  • 【Upgraged USB 3.2 Flash Drive Ultimate Speed Transmission】MOVE SPEED Vpro series solid state USB drive provides up to 1000MB/s of Read and Write Speed. Save more time and effort when transferring and uploading files. Greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, the upgraded flash drive has greatly improved the heat dissipation performance. While providing high speed, it also optimizes the heat dissipation performance and improves the user experience.
  • 【Data Backup and Dual Interfaces】MOVE SPEED Vpro series solid state USB drive have USB3.2 & Type-c dual interfaces. USB 3.2 interface is for computer, laptop, and type-c interface is for Android Phone. Dual interfaces are more convenient for data transfer between different devices, so as to get rid of the cable and software, let you switch easily storage space. No more worrying about phone storage issues!
  • 【SSD Level Chip & High-Quality Metal Case】MOVE SPEED USB3.2 flash drive is made of advanced SSD level chip technology and high-quality metal materials. SATA Solid-state drives are now condensed into the form of usb flash drive. It only takes 1 seconds to transmit 1GB file, amazing speed experience. What's more, it has excellent waterproof, dust-proof, anti-drop, high temperature and anti-magnetic properties.
  • 【Wide Compatibility and Easy to Use】This USB 3.2 flash drive is universal for Android Type-C Phone, desktop, laptop, car audio system, smart TV and More. Real Plug and Play, extremely simple to use. Plugs directly into your android phone or computer, no cable and software required. The usb flash drive comes with a leather case for easy portability and storage. Come and use it to transfer files for you!!
  • 【What's in the Box & 5-Year Warranty】Package included: MOVE SPEED V Pro series solid state USB drive, flash drive leather case, User Manual, 7x 24 friendly customer service and 30-days 100% refund if any displeasure. In addition, MOVE SPEED Vpro series USB drive provides a 5-year warranty. If you have any problem about the product, please contact with us. Our after-sale team will deal with your issue in 24 hours.

Why Choose MOVE SPEED Vpro series Solid State USB Drive?


  • 1. Up to 1000 MB/s of Read Speed and 1000MB/s of Write Speed, transfer 1G in 1 seconds. Store a huge amount of video and audio with ease.
  • 2. Plug and Play, extremely simple to use. Plugs directly into your android phone or computer, No cable and software required. Efficient transfer anytime and anywhere. No matter you have a business Office, Learning or entertainment. Enjoy work and life with ease.
  • 3. Phones Expansion & Data Backup. Backing up your hard drive, easy data backup. No worries about the limited memory space on your Android phone and computer.
  • 4. USB3.2 & type-c dual interfaces design. Easy and efficient cross-device transfer.
  • 5. SSD Grade Chip with safety and stable transfer, protect your valuable data.
  • 6. Wide compatibility. Compatible with Desktop /Laptop/Android phones/car stereos/Smart TVs and more. Let's enjoy the fun of mobile storage better.
  • 7. Mini, compact and portable. Comes with leather case. Easy to carry anywhere, Convenient for your business trip and entertainment.
  • 8. Durable zinc alloy body, features Waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, anti-pressure, high temperature resistant characters.
  • 9. Optional 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB large capacity storage space.

Notes: All our storage devices are Full Capacity and Full Speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.


USB 3.2 High Speed Transmission


  • MOVE SPEED Vpro series solid state USB drive provides up to 1000MB/s of Read Speed and 1000MB/s of Write Speed.
  • SSD solid state storage solution transfers of 1GB in size in 1 second.

Dual Interfaces, Easy and Efficient Cross-device Transfer


  • USB 3.2 and Type-C dual ports, break the limitation of transmission between different devices.


1 X MOVE SPEED Vpro Series Solid State USB Drive

1 X Leather Drive Case

1 X User Manual


Storage Expansion of your Android Phone & Easy Date Backup


  • Type-C high speed interface, via mobile phone software back up pictures, videos, documents, music, albums, contacts, and expand your phone space.
  • 128GB,256GB,512GB, 1TB, 2TB large storage capacity for you to choose
  • Once we have this USB flash drive for storing photos, we no longer have to delete videos to free up space on our phones and we no longer have to use the Internet or WiFi to watch movies.




Dalicate and Quality Zinc Alloy


  • Precision metal polishing
  • Understated and refined on the inside
  • Shock and abrasion resistant on the outside.

SSD Class Chip ensure Stable Transfer


  • The quality of the flash drive performance is strictly tested according to solid state storage standards.
  • From the selection of the wafers to the inspection of the factory, they have to go through more than ten strict quality test to ensure the quality of the product is excellent.

Extremely Cool Supercar Shape


  • According to the product’s philosophy of pursuing extreme speed, adopting the streamlined design of a supercar, the sense of speed is overwhelming!
  • The bonnet is designed to better protect the USB flash drive interface.

Wide Compatibility and Supports More Devices


  • Compatible with Desktop /Laptop/Android phones/Car stereos/Smart TVs and more.
  • Compatible system: Win 7/8/10/11, MAC 10.6 and above.

Tips for using MOVE SPEED USB flash drive

Note on the Capacity of the USB Flash Drive

Manufacturers of Flash (memory) or solid-state drive devices generally calculate in 1000 as the binary, i.e. 1KB=1000Bytes, 1GB=1000M, and operating systems calculate capacity in 1024 as the binary, i.e. 1KB=1024Bytes, 1GB=1024M, and the reported capacity after formatting will be less than the nominal capacity. System files also take up a small amount of space under different operating systems. For example: Nominal capacity 128GB, actual capacity about 117GB; nominal capacity 256GB, actual capacity about 238GB

About the Read/Write Speed of USB Flash Drive


  1. The read and write speed of the USB flash drive is affected by many factors such as computer configuration, interface, file size, etc.,
  2. If you find that the transfer speed is much lower than the advertised speed, please check whether your interface is a USB 3.2 interface

Instructions for Copying Files over 4GB

For better compatibility with the operating system, the default file system for USB flash drives is FAT32, with a maximum unit file size of 4GB. If you need to store individual files over 4GB, it is recommended that you reset the file system in the following way:

1. connecting the storage product to the computer; 2. right-clicking on the partition and selecting Format; 3. select exFAT format in the file system options; 4. Click Start to finish.