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Size: 1TB
style: PCIe 4.0 M.2 with heatsink; Up to 7450MB/s

Pay with Ease

Digital Storage Capacity 1 TB
Hard Disk Interface PCIE x 4
Connectivity Technology USB
Special Feature ★M.2 2280 (80mm) Compact Size, ★PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD, ★6500MB/S Write Speeds, ★7450MB/S Read Speeds, ★SSD with Heatsink, Screws and Screwdriver
Hard Disk Form Factor 2280 Inches
Hard Disk Description Solid State Drive, M.2 2280
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC, Playstation 5 (PS5)
Installation Type Internal Hard Drive
Color Black

  • 【NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 High Speed Interface】MOVE SPEED 1tb SSD is supported by cutting-edge PCIe 4.0 technology, with a read and write speed of up to 7450MB/s and 6500MB/s, which reduce the delays of the games and operating system. The PCIe 4.0 interface is 2 times faster than the PCIe 3.0 and 13.5 times faster than the SATA SSD, ensuring lightning fast game loading and file transfer times. Nvme pcie 4.0 ssd use less power and get more performance, making it the best choice for upgrading.
  • 【Compatible with PS5 & Large Capacity】MOVE SPEED M.2 1tb SSD perfectly compatible with PS5, laptop, PC. Featuring an M.2 2280 (80mm) form factor, it's compact and easy to install. M.2 ps5 ssd offers large storage capacity of 1TB/2TB, providing ample storage space for work, study or games. Unrivaled performance and large storage capacity make it easily upgradeable and be ready at all the time. With up to 2TB storage, your PS5 has extra room to store up to 50 games. Always ready for next games.
  • 【Premium Quality and 5-Year Warranty】Our m.2 ssd for PS5 utilizes high-quality 3D Nand flash memory chips and cutting-edge Maxio MAP1602 controller technology. After 6 rounds of extreme tests(16 hours of high and low temperature aging test, 8 hours of 2000 times of dormancy test, 48 hours of continuous transmission test), almost 80-hour rigorous test prove its stability and long service life, Move Speed SSD provide a 5-year warranty. If you have any questions please contact our customer service.
  • 【Plug and Play & Strongly Cooling】The NVMe m.2 SSD has a built-in 1mm graphene composite heat sink, which can strongly cool down the chip by 10 degrees during works or games, avoiding high-temperature slowdown and jamming, and our package comes with an heat sink(not installed), screws and screwdriver. Easy installation, plug and play. Cools and maintains exceptional performance during overloaded. Notes:The heatsink install tutorial can be found on our details page, or ask our after-service team.
  • 【What's in the Box】Package includes a 1TB solid state drive SSD, heatsink(not installed), screws, screwdriver, user manual. 7 x 24 friendly and efficient customer service, 30 days 100% return and refund if there're any problems with the ssd. With the strong R&D and production support of our own MOVE SPEED factories, we can provide consumers with the ultimate product experience and after-sales service. Please feel free contact our after-sales team, we will deal with any problem within 24 hours.

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Considering Upgrading your Internal Storage? Move Speed SSD Meet all you Needs to Expand your Storage Space of Playstation 5, Laptop and PC


  • Optional 1TB/2TB/4TB Large Storage Capacity Solid State Drive
  • Plug and Play, Easy Installation and Setup on your Device
  • Newest PCIe 4.0 Technology
  • Read Speeds up to 7,450MB/s and Write Speeds up to 6,500MB/s
  • 3D TLC NAND Technology and Maxio MAP1602 Controller
  • Come with Original Graphene Heat Sink on the m.2 Drive. Powerful Heat Dissipation Cools down by 10℃
  • Low Power Consumption: Breakthrough Power Efficiency, Use less Power and Get more Performance
  • 6 Rounds of Extreme Testing, almost 80+ Hours of Rigorous Testing proves Premium Performance
  • Adopts the Original Particles, each Flash is Carefully Selected.
  • Wide Compatible with PS5,Laptop, Desktop
  • Comes with Heatsink, Screws and Screwdriver, we Provide you with Everything you Need to Install Drives on your Mainboard

Note: MOVE SPEED Provide 5 YEAR After-Sales Service Time for All Solid State Drive Products, if There is any Quality Problem within 5 Years, you Can Exchange a New One

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YMTC Chip TLC 3D Nand Flash

Significantly increased capacity and reliability

With more capacity available, more data can be easily accommodated to meet the needs of users in a variety of scenarios.

In addition, the better read/write frequency and erase life will enhance the usage experience in all aspects.

Common Questions

1. Does the product include mounting accessories?

The tools required to install the NVMe M.2 SSD are already included in the product package of the HB7450, no need to purchase them separately. In addition, we also provide you with a metal heat sink to ensure maximum performance during ssd drive running.

2. Does the SSD have a wa rranty?

All storage products of MOVE SPEED provide a five-year wa rranty, adhering to the principles of professional quality and honest service.

With strong R&D and production support from our own factory, if you have any questions or problems with the product, please let us know in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

mvme ssd

Newest PCIe 4.0 Technology


  • Unleashing powerful performance
  • Move Speed NVMe M.2 SSD with support for next-generation PCIe 4.0 technology.
  • The PCIe 4.0 interface is 2 times faster than the PCIe 3.0 SSD and 12 times faster than the SATA SSD
  • Amazing Speed: With read speeds of up to 7450+MB/s , this m.2 ssd drive can load all kinds of programs smoothly and handle even the most complex operations with ease.

Notes: All our storage devices are Full Capacity and Full Speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.

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Maxio MAP1602 Controller

Low Power Consumption and High Efficiency

With the 3rd generation Aglie ECC(4K LDPC) error correction technology, Agile Zip data compression technology, hardware RAID5/6 and E2E data protection technology, and the latest ultra-low-power SoC chip architecture design from Maxio Technology, it still performs well in a low-power state.


The storage device is produced as 1MB=1000KB , but the actual algorithm is 1MB=1024 KB , so the actual capacity is slightly smaller than the rated capacity.

1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment.

mvme ssd

Powerful Heat Dissipation, Cools down by 10℃

Full power, no speed loss

The 1mm thick graphene composite heat sink is able to cool down the chip by a powerful 10℃ during operation, avoiding high temperature dropouts and lagging, making work and entertainment smoother and smoother.

How to Install the heatsink to the SSD?


  1. Remove the original graphene cooling sticker of the SSD
  2. Remove the cover of the tape
  3. Place and stick the tape to the right position of the SSD(please don‘t covering the screw hole and the m.2 interface)
  4. Place the heatsink on SSD, adjusting to the right position

ATTENTION: If you need installation video, please contact our customer support team

Note: For more details, you can contact our support team at any time, we will deal with your problem within 24 hours.

mvme ssd

mvme ssd


Stable and Reliable

6 Rounds of Extreme Testing, Almost 80 Hours of Rigorous Testing


  • 16 hours of high and low temperature aging test
  • 8 hours of 2000 times of dormancy test
  • 48 hours of continuous transmission test
  • 4 hours of performance test
  • 4 hours of continuous system startup test
  • abnormal power failure test

Compatible with PS5, Laptop and PC

This m.2 2280 ssd is perfectly compatible with PS5, Laptop and PC.

Support PS5:


  • NVMe PCIe Gen4 x 4 M.2 PS5 standard SSD with heatsink, which can expand your storage capacity and game library of PlayStation 5.
  • The ssd package comes with heatsink, you don't need to buy additional one. The included heatsink can cools your drive and maintains peak performance.
  • HB7450 fully meets the needs of PS5 expansion SSD. It's M.2 2280, 80mm*22*2.2mm size, and it can also be put into the PS5 host after installing the heat sink

What's in the BOX?

1 x 1TB SSD NVMe M.2

1 x Heatsink

2 x Screws

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User Manual

Note: Dear Customer, Our M.2 SSD have upgraded packaging, and the old and new versions are shipped at random. Package Renews, Quality Remains.

* We offer a 5-year product wa rranty to give you more peace of mind when buying.